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Magnesium Topical Supplements
Most magnesium supplements are by mouth, involving swallowing of pills or powders. While this is a convenient and effective method of supplementation for many people, it has its drawbacks, namely the common side effect of diarrhea and stomach upset. Also, typically only 40% of the magnesium found in an oral supplement is actually absorbed through the intestines.

This is where the Lewis Family Magnesium Topicals shine. Through the unique topical applications, almost 100% of the magnesium is absorbed through the skin as compared to only 40% absorption from typical capsules. Since it bypasses the intestines, thereís no risk of digestive side effects! Finally, many people report a soothing relief when applied over sore or tense muscles.
A Tale of Two Magnesiums
Here at Lewis Family Natural Health, we have not one, but two formulas for Topical Magnesium application. While at first glance this may seem like overkill, there are actually several reasons why we have chosen to offer both formulas. Let us explain so you can decide which formula is best for you!

  • Lewis Family Magnesium Gel comes from pure and pristine magnesium chloride salt derived from the ancient Zechstein seabed, protected at depths of 5,000-6,500 feet over the past 250 million years deep in the earthís interior.
    • One ľ tsp application provides approximate 150 mg of pure magnesium, which is equivalent to over two times the equivalent oral dose due to the increased absorption through the skin. Because such a little amount lasts so long, this also make the Lewis Family Magnesium Gel a cost-effective, long-lasting solution to magnesium supplementation.
    • The Gel gives you the best bang-for-your-buck, a very affordable way to supplement with excellent amounts of magnesium. Overall it is a great product...but itís not for everyone.
    • In our experience working with patients, approximately 25% of people who use Gel report that they donít like the way it feels on their skin. You know that feeling you get after youíve been swimming in the ocean and the salt water dries on your skin? Since the Gel comes from a dried sea bed, this is actually what is happening when you use the Gel. For most people, this is not an issue because of the overwhelming benefits listed above, and many donít even notice or mind. But some people with more sensitive skin (you know who you are!) find the Gel to be a bit itchy, and donít like the way it doesnít fully absorb the way a cream would, leaving a slightly sticky residue on the skin. You can always take a wet cloth and simply wipe off the gel residue after 10-15 minutes, but thatís not something everyone wants to do. All of these observations tend to be mild, but if youíre one of those people with sensitive skin, you know that something like that wouldnít make for an enjoyable experience and youíre likely to just set the Gel on your shelf and never use it, and therefore miss out on all the potential benefits.

  • Lewis Family Magnesium Cream is a great alternative to the gel as a more gentle way to topically supplement with magnesium.
    • The cream absorbs well, leaves no residue on the skin, and is tolerated well by those with sensitive skin.
    • We find this to be a great product of choice for children as well.
    • The Cream does cost a bit more with a less elemental magnesium per serving when compared to the Gel.
The choice is yours!