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Welcome to our Patients
If you are a current patient of either Dr. Eric or Dr. Kristina at Lewis Family Natural Health, it is important that you read the following instructions to have full access to all of your supplements.

A large number of natural health products that we may have included in your naturopathic plan are not available to the general public without direct supervision by a healthcare provider. Because you are a current patient, however, you will be able to reorder all of your supplements through this website by LOGGING IN FIRST.


  • You should have received information from our office with a username and password. If you have not received this information or have misplaced it, please contact us and we'll be happy to supply it again. PLEASE NOTE THAT PASSWORDS ARE CASE SENSITIVE.
  • The first time you login, we recommend you go to "My Account" to change your password. The system requires a combination of letters and numbers for enhanced security.
  • BEFORE YOU START SHOPPING, every time you get on this website, you need to login to your account. If you start shopping before logging in, you will only be able to see the products available to the general public. Only after you are logged in will the rest of your supplements be visible on your computer.


  • Use your personalized order history to easily reorder supplements from previous orders, including purchases you made in our office after an appointment.
  • This helps prevent mistakes and eliminates the confusion that sometimes happens over the phone to ensure you are reordering the correct products. And for those of you who sometimes forget which supplements you takeóitís all there saved for you to easily reorder!
  • To use this feature, go to your Order History. Select the appropriate time frame to view your previous orders and be sure to click the Red Button to pull up your complete list. Find the products you wish to reorder, select them, and add them into your shopping cart.

If you still prefer to stop by our office and pick up your order in person, no problem! Some patients like to use this online store to reserve their products so we will have them waiting for them when they arrive.

If you have any trouble or any questions with this site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours in Health,

Drs. Eric and Kristina Lewis, ND